Badminton match against Shrewsbury School

Concord College 16 Shrewsbury School 8

Sunny, Adwin, Frankie, Johnathan, Joshua, Eureka, Cindy, Charmaine, Olivia, Jady and Emma

We had the chance to play a fixture against Shrewsbury School, and it was great to have the chance to play several games with different people.

I feel that both Concord and Shrewsbury both performed exceptionally well, and every one of our team members played fantastically. Personally, I enjoyed the games very much and I am proud to represent my school in a sport I love. Overall, it was a good experience to know new people and face different playstyles.

Last Wednesday’s badminton match against Shrewsbury school was intense. I was honoured to play two of the mixed doubles game and I won one and lost the other. The teams battled it out in mixed doubles and singles, showing skills and strategy. Despite the tough game, both sides played with sportsmanship and commitment.

It was great pleasure to be selected to represent Concord College in a home fixture against Shrewsbury College. The experience was truly memorable as I could play against other excellent players from another college. Although exhausting, it helped in refining my skills in badminton alongside showing the importance of teamwork with my fellow schoolmates as we had to play doubles matches against different pairs of players from Shrewsbury school. Overall, it was a great experience, and I am grateful to be able to participate in this event.

SPORTS REPORT: 09/10/19 (U18 Netball)

Concord College U18 Netball vs Thomas Adams – Score: 9-9

Team List: Tara, Joy, Sophia, Emily, Carla, Lauren, Rose, Saratu, Holly.

On Wednesday 9th Oct, the U18 Netball team had a match against Thomas Adams at their school and tied with them in a tough match. The first quarter, we were focused and nervous, which translated into positive determination and we scored 3 points swiftly. However, the other team had scored 2 points too, so we were adamant about not getting too confident…

In the 2nd quarter, we tried hard to adopt the mindset that the score was still 0-0, to ensure that overconfidence did not get in the way, as this is a very common and detrimental problem in sports games. This worked, because we scored 4 more points, while the other team only scored 1 more. However, we were getting a bit too excited, which would then carry over into the 3rd quarter and cause problems for the team.

The pressures of needing to keep our winning streak overwhelmed us in the 3rd quarter, and we started to make mistakes more frequently, like obstructions and stepping. We had let the opponents score 3 points while not scoring any ourselves. Unfortunately, we ended the quarter 2 minutes early, because of an injured player.

After a short break, we went back on court, this time focused more on scoring goals instead of winning. We scored 2 more points in the end, and were so close to winning the whole match, with 9 points, but the opposing team scored one more point in the last 10 seconds of the game! (Leading to a draw of 9-9).  Although we did not manage to win the game in the end, on reflection, a draw was a good start to the season, taking into consideration that we only had a few training sessions before. Overall, as a team, we played very well.

Joy – 6.1

SPORTS REPORT: 09/10/19 (U19 Boys Basketball)

Concord College U19 Boys vs Shrewsbury School – Score: 51-70 loss

Team List: Anson, Ben, Daniel, Stephen, Felix, Alvin, Prame, Minh Cao, Thibault, Mustafa, Ray, Jason, Danielius.

The Concord College U19 basketball squad, led by Ben and Jason, went up against Shrewsbury School at home. It was an incredibly tight game.. Despite the hard work and effort contributed by each player, the U19 squad experienced a 19 point deficit by the final whistle. By the first quarter, both teams were neck and neck and the atmosphere was electric! The first half ended in Concord trailing by just a few points, however it was during the second half where Concord were unable to keep up with the quick pace transitions from the opposing team and couldn’t reproduce the excellent shooting displayed earlier. The most outstanding player was Stephen. He kept his composure despite the constant pressure from the opponents, and finished with 19 points leading the team in scoring. The team has much room for improvement in aspects such as defending fast breaks, reducing the number of turnovers per game and dealing with pressure from defenders. Overall the team played well, with good composed teamwork, energy and high spirits, especially considering the fact it was the first game of the season!