An Evening with Dominic Sandbrook

On Friday 4th of May, Concord College welcomed Dominic Sandbrook, a renowned British historian. Whilst awaiting his arrival, Concord students mingled with visitors from Wolverhampton Girls’ High School whilst nibbling on a fine selection of ‘finger foods’. After students had settled in Concord’s comfortable auditorium, the amiable author soon arrived to convey his wealth of knowledge. Without a doubt he immediately encountered inquisitive and friendly spirits from both Concord and WGHS, and together they immediately engaged in a detailed discussion of British history.

A brilliant historian indeed, Sandbrook did not lead his talk in the form of the conventional style of a typical lecture. Rather, he constantly sought to connect directly with his audience. His sense of humour was apparent and his witty lines caught on with responsive spectators. In addition, he was able to explain complex issues using simple language, and this appealed to his rapt audience of sixth form History students. What made the talk even more memorable is the fact that he also valued the opinion of his audience, as he invited them to express their opinion throughout the talk. Overall, it was an enlightening night which took all those present on a journey to the heart of Britain in the years 1951-2007.

Nancy – 6.1