Red Nose Day 2019

On Red Nose Day, the school allowed us to wear our pyjamas and flip-flops to school for a minimum one-pound donation. Students and teachers alike strode around in “adorable” animal onesies, flannel pyjamas or T-shirts and shorts. One or two of them carried their teddy bears and other stuffed animals around too. In particular, Mr Kerslake – the Vice Principal, stole the show when he showed up in a nightgown.

I initially did not want to spend a whole day in my pyjamas, but for various reasons I changed my mind in the end… It totally wasn’t because I overslept and only realised I was still in my pyjamas after I rushed to school. It was most certainly because I found the event too fun to pass up. Regardless, I had a great time and plenty of laughs with the rest of my pyjama-clad friends and schoolmates.

In a good display of racial harmony, multiculturalism and international relationships, many of Concord’s international students participated in the event despite it being only the first or second time they had ever experienced Red Nose Day. In some cases, international students did not even know what the day was about until days before!

We raised over £540 for charity in the space of a day. It was very heart-warming to see that so many of us had sympathies for the less privileged and were willing to take action to remedy it.

Nicholas – 6.1