Concord Alumni share Oxford undergraduate experiences…

On Friday 1st June, a select group of Concord’s 6.1 students visited a warm, sultry Oxford to get a feel for undergraduate life and to consider their application strategies.

University College – the oldest college in Oxford, kindly hosted the current Concordians and accompanying staff members for the day. The prospective Oxford hopefuls were met by a small selection of Concord Alumni – now current undergraduates, and were made to feel at home in the Goodhart Seminar Room.

Concord’s Head of Careers and University Admissions, Dr Rob Pugh said: “The purpose of the trip was to get a taste of life as an Oxford undergraduate and, beneficially, it came from recent Concord Alumni, who know the ins and outs of what can be a rigorous and highly competitive application process.

“Although a relaxed setting, the visit also comprised of a dynamic Q&A session, enabling the students to gain valuable insights into Oxford life and university – from educational tips and advice, to extracurricular activities and the social side of Oxford living.”

Concord’s students also received a talk on the University College admissions process, before having the opportunity to tour the grounds, seeing undergraduates depart and return from exams too – a familiar sight as Concord’s current pupils take their end of year exams.

Later in the day the group visited the Pitt Rivers Museum and aspiring scientists were able to visit the Department of Physics also.

Many thanks to the Alumni who gave up their free time to meet with the 6.1 students and shared their wisdom.

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