Orientation 2016

“It’s all about having fun and smiling and shaking hands” Tone Loc

It has been a very eventful week for the 6th form students, with an array of exciting activities such as orientation games organised by the 6.2 prefects (following the themes of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings and Percy Jackson), high-ropes activities and self-defence training. What I enjoyed the most was welcoming the new students the moment they made their first steps into Concord College, as I was glad and excited to see the new faces who will be joining us for the next few years. It was very heartening to see many friendly students getting to know one another, particularly, forging new friendships and having fun together.

Many of the 6.1s have left home for the first time, and we are sure that they are missing their families and countries. However, they have been so involved during the orientation, and have shown so much enthusiasm throughout the orientation week!

The activity that I loved the most was the high-ropes specially organised for the 6.1s, with the company of some 6.2s. Many of us formed teams and, slowly but steadily, made our way up to the top of each element! It was amazing to watch many people conquer their fear of heights, and fellow friends encouraging one another.

The orientation ended with a splash with a massive water balloon fight amongst 4 teams (Blue, Green, Red and Pink) with the Blue team capturing almost all of the flags. Many of us were soaked wet and splotched in screaming colour at the end of the exciting game.

To all the new 6.1s, welcome to Concord and we hope that all of you will create amazing, cherished memories whilst you are here. As for the 6.2s, all the best for UCAS and A levels!

Claire Sridjaja Ling Ying 6.2