Student Thoughts on Online Learning

Melissa 6.2 – I never would have thought that I would have to juggle completing my UCAS application, applying for Thai universities, working on my EPQ and preparing for admissions tests whilst being stuck at home, many miles away from Concord doing online learning in the middle of a global pandemic. It was quite difficult to get used to as the six-hour time difference meant that I would go to sleep very early in the morning (past midnight) and would wake up around midday. Wifi issues, OneNote syncing problems and lack of social interaction certainly didn’t help and have definitely driven me mad more than once. However, the staff are doing an incredible job of delivering online lessons through hybrid teaching and are always willing to help. Despite the pandemic, Concord has amazingly found a way to keep their systems in place like the weekly Saturday tests, admissions test mock exams and the discussion groups. Overall, I would prefer to physically be at Concord and be able to see all of my friends, but I’ve found that this is a great alternative. Hopefully, I will get to go back soon…

Below are some thoughts from other students undertaking online learning at Concord:

Tangtang 6.2 – “For me, online learning feels like I’m physically in Concord because the resources that our teachers give out are extremely useful and effective for Saturday tests.”

Bean 6.2 – “Overall, I would say that my online education has gone well so far. The teachers have been extremely caring and understanding for both the students’ education and well-being. Despite the lack of physical interaction, I am still able to receive helpful feedback and answers from my teachers. However, the major downside of online studying is being isolated from my friends and classmates, who are extremely important to me. I just miss everyone at Concord a lot and hope that I will be able to return soon.”

George 6.2 – “Even though I’m remote studying, more than 9000 km away from the college, the electronic systems and the hybrid lessons still make me feel that I am able to provide contributions to the group and enjoy the real classroom environment. I am also able to run the discussion group which is a real bonus for me! But despite being physically remote, I am sure that all those who have had attended online lessons will have got the most out of this carefully planned hybrid teaching exercise, during the first term.”

Klao F4 – “Online learning is a really good way of studying and could be the way forward for any future problems. Concord’s online learning works really well for me as it is like studying in class. I can participate and answer whenever I want without being embarrassed; if I get my answer incorrect only the teacher and the online students can hear. However, this way of learning isn’t the best for everyone, because some students can be easily distracted by their phones (I have to admit that I am guilty of doing so sometimes). Also, nobody can see whether you are trying to answer the question or not and the only thing you can do is to shout out your answer without knowing whether someone in class is already answering the question which could come across as being annoying and disrespectful to both the other students and the teacher. Ultimately, I still think that learning in the class is more effective, but online learning is a good and safe option.”