Moonlit Walk 2020

On Friday 30th October, Mr Brown and Dr Hayden brought a group of 10 students on an evening hike along Long Mynd. On the way to the peak of the Long Mynd, we took a break and had some snacks while we engaged in academic and social discussion. When we reached the peak, Mr Brown made a great imitation of a lighthouse (which was very entertaining), and we were very intrigued by the sheep and wild ponies we saw throughout the hike. The Halloween Moonlit Walk was fun overall, and although the moon only intermittently peaked through the clouds, Mr Brown gave us beautiful coloured balloons which glowed brighter than the moon appeared and helped us to light our path.

Tiana – 6.1 

Halloween Haunted House Charity Fundraiser

This year’s ‘Halloween Haunted House’ event was, without a doubt, a great success. Held on the 20th of October, volunteering students turned their assigned rooms into mini haunted houses. The Morris Building became a maze of haunted houses that paying students could walk through. Instead of decorating one of the rooms, I worked as a tour guide with my friend, Jeanice, bringing groups of students through the rooms to make sure that everything ran smoothly.

Despite the exhaustion we felt at the end of the day from touring the house at least 10 times, I was still extremely thankful for the opportunity to work with a group of such driven, talented and selfless individuals. The cooperation, commitment and effort that was put into setting up the haunted house and raising money for the St Vincent de Paul Society was incredible. A huge thank you to the Outreach committee for organising this exciting event and taking a step to help others less fortunate than ourselves.

Gabrielle – 6.1

Halloween at Concord

In the spirit of Halloween, Concord’s Outreach society, which is a society that organizes charitable events for the student body, organized a Haunted House to raise money for charity.

The entrance fee was £3 per person, and sure enough at about half past eight, a line of students stood outside the Morris building, brimming with excitement to experience the haunted house. People were split into groups of eight people or less and paired with a guide who directed them throughout the gory experience.

The Outreach society showed great organization in assigning different parts of the Morris building to different teams and upon entering the Haunted House, you could tell that a lot of work had gone into it. Each room was converted into something out of a horror movie and the concepts varied from elaborate plays to life-sized dollhouses. Some rooms even held games, where the winners received exciting prizes.

Students came out of the Haunted House spooked and entertained. At the end of the night the Outreach Society’s hard work paid off, with the Haunted House raising over £400 for charity. It was indeed a grand event.

After the Haunted House students were treated to a special Halloween Disco, with a professional DJ, who made sure we had a good time. Students came dressed to the disco in great costumes such as the Teletubbies and Hugh Heffner and from the smiles on people’s faces, you could see that everyone was having a fun time.

Ezinne Osueke 6.2