Breakfast with a Concord Flair

One simply cannot call it a good day without a full English breakfast. A good old hearty one. With sausages.

That’s why Concord College has just held the Great Sausage Debate – essentially a survey, Mr Birch, our Dining Room Manager has been collecting students’ opinion about their sausage preference. The result has been mostly positive, with over 80% of the interviewees are satisfied with the sausage provided. Mr Birch has also kindly agreed to look up the possibility of introducing other sausages as he has listened to the diners, which are us Concordians!

A full breakfast could not only display Briton’s identity; but also a mini stage to show the core values hold by Concord. Democratic and civilised, everyone’s contribution is valued. Thanks to our multi-ethnicity atmosphere, we Concordians are inclusive and tolerant. Ultimately, we all strive for the best.

There is no breakfast better than one with a Concord flair.

Yanshing Cheung 6.1