Mid-Autumn Festival

Mooncake festival

Celebrated once every year, the Mid-Autumn festival is a highly regarded event for Chinese people around the world. To commemorate such an important time, Hong Kong society has an annual tradition of celebrating said event through supplying mooncakes and providing activities. This year, Hong Kong society, run by Chester, Maggie, Kenneth, and Charmaine, purchased mooncakes from Hong Kong and brought them to Concord College to distribute within the Hong Kong Concordians. To our delightful surprise, more than 100 people showed up at the meeting spot for Hong Kong society, leading to a cheerful and warm atmosphere.

During the event, the presidents of the society distributed the mooncakes equally among the members and provided glow sticks to brighten the mood. People smiled and cheered as they took a bite of the sweet custard mooncake and had joyous laughter among each other. To commemorate and end the day, we took a group photo of Hong Kong as shown below.

“It was very nice to finally meet everyone in Hong Kong society after the Covid regulations have been removed. I hope everyone who went to the event enjoyed the mooncakes and had a good time.” – Charmaine 6.2


Chester – 6.2