Exploring Art at Concord

My decision to take A-Level Art was a tough one. On the one hand, I wasn’t going to be applying for an art-based university course such as Architecture or Fashion. Yet, on the other, Art has always been a passionate interest of mine, which I wanted to continue to pursue. In Lower School, the classes were structured within a group where the students would collectively learn new skills and techniques which could be applied towards their projects. In contrast, taking AS/A-Level Art gives the student a new found flexibility within their education. Having already acquired the knowledge and ability to manipulate mediums, Mr Hudson guides you through your maze of creative ideas and sets you on a path of which the outcome will be most effective and personal to you. Being able to have the opportunity to choose specific timetabled slots around your already set subjects at the beginning of the year, allows each student to receive individual one-to-one personal chats about your project with Mr Hudson.

One of the many reasons in my decision to continue Art was the atmosphere itself. The space and teachers collectively have allowed for a small community to be built within our school – a ‘safe space’ where we are able to express our ideas and creativity through weird and wonderful ways. In addition, there have been multiple opportunities offered within my years of taking Art, such as the many trips to visit Art Galleries in Liverpool and London, and the more newly offered Life Drawing sessions at the Hive. These trips have given added perspective and context to the many blossoming artists within the department.

Having joined Concord in Form 3 and working my way up through Lower School, I’ve noticed many changes within the Concord community. The refurbishment of multiple boarding houses was only the start. As the new Science Block draws closer to completion, the remnants of the old Science Block become open to opportunity. Speculation has been growing about the Art department moving within the school grounds. Although by the time it’ll be up and running, I would’ve moved on from my journey at Concord. I have every confidence that the Art department will thrive within the space.

Emily Bagshaw – 6.2