Colour Run 2022

Last Sunday, on the 11th of September, the field behind Concord College was showered in resplendent coloured powder sprayed by staff and teachers against energetically running students. What’s more exciting than ending the summer holidays with a colour run?

Having geared up with white t-shirts and goggles provided by the school, students ran with their groups behind Morris Building as teachers at their stations splashed coloured powder at the sound of the whistle. Squeals and laughter filled the sunny and, not to mention, colourful afternoon. Some students even went on multiple rounds to add more colours to their clothes. Each round of colour run culminated in a slippery water slide, after which students gathered to take pictures.

It was truly a lovely way to welcome new and returning students back into a new academic year at Concord which is full of colourful events and people.

Irisa 6.2