Another WWRY Update

Hey there! Thank you for Khashoggi’s wonderful blog last week, and this week it’s Killer Queen here reporting to you all.

It was an absolute exhilaration for everyone involved in the musical this week because the gigantic sets had finally arrived and had been built last Friday! Seeing those lorries being driven into the campus one by one already made us anticipate the grand atmosphere in the theatre we were about to witness on Sunday.

On the day of the technical rehearsal, we couldn’t take our eyes off the surreal stage with all the props and boards, gasping in awe. Mr Henry then conducted a talk regarding the safety guidelines with all of us, then we set off to our corresponding dressing rooms to get ready for a full run-through.

It was our first time doing both hair and makeup on the actual setup for rehearsals, so it was definitely hectic for both the backstage crew and the casts. There was such a vast number of crew members that had really done an enormous amount of work offstage which the audience has yet to see. As hectic as it seemed, it was amazing to see how these factors made our casts and crew work better and better under pressure. Also, we were finally able to use headset mics for our performances, which was a significant help in avoiding us overstraining our voices especially when singing. Overall, it was a great opportunity for all of us to work through the whole play while multi-tasking as well.

Monday was a similar run-through as Sunday to confirm that everything was in place. Everyone got familiarised with the staging and props quickly so there was a drastic improvement in the flow and coherence both on stage and off.

“To this day, seeing the musical progress had been a really fun experience and I am glad I signed up to be a part of it”, says Hamidah, who’s double-casting Killer Queen with me.

I’m sure we all can’t wait for Thursday when we will finally get to try on our costumes for the first time after they arrive. And next week is officially our show week! Thank you again to all teachers and coordinating staff who deserve so much recognition for all your hard work. I most definitely can’t believe we are so close to reaching the end of our journey in We Will Rock You (School Edition) and we can’t wait to show you our final product soon. Killer Queen signing off here, see you soon!

Tiffany – 6.2