Moonlit Walk 16th February 2022

Moonlit Walk 16th February 2022

Posted on: February 22nd 2022

#Moonlit Walk

Bus ride away from prep At 6.15 pm, the Biology students led by Mr Brown gathered at Main Hall in excitement before boarding the minibus for our moonlit hike up the Long Mynd. Our caring teachers ensured that each of us were equipped with a beanie and a pair of…


We Will We Will Rock You!

Posted on: February 17th 2022

#Musical #We Will Rock You #WWRY

It’s finally our We Will Rock You show week! And here’s Killer Queen and Khashoggi wrapping up the amazing show experience for you all. Altogether we have four shows for different audiences, but as both of us are double casted, we actually got the opportunity to sit down as audiences…


Another WWRY Update

Posted on: February 14th 2022

#Musical #WWRY

Hey there! Thank you for Khashoggi’s wonderful blog last week, and this week it’s Killer Queen here reporting to you all. It was an absolute exhilaration for everyone involved in the musical this week because the gigantic sets had finally arrived and had been built last Friday! Seeing those lorries…


We Will Rock You Update!

Posted on: February 4th 2022

#Musical #School Production #We Will Rock You

Greetings, everyone! It is Khashoggi bringing you an update of We Will Rock You: School Edition production! January just passed and we are now in February, which means we are finally in the month when We Will Rock You: School Edition gets shown in Concord, right in our very own…