Silver DofE Reflections

After several months of waiting, the Duke of Edinburgh Silver group had finally finished their assessment expedition. Despite the group members facing a variety of difficulties and inconveniences like social distancing, walking in the cold rain and deep mud, they still managed to accomplish the assessment and received their silver certifications! And here is the short story of their expedition:

On the morning of 17th October, the Silver Duke of Edinburgh group ventured on their assessed expedition. There two groups of Form 5s and a group of 6.1s took part in an expedition that spanned over two nights and three days.

Our hike started in Montgomery, Wales and the day went fairly smoothly – a build up for the harder navigation and longer routes on days 2 and 3. Day 2 required a trek around Croyden Hill, a tricky route full of overgrown thorns and bushes that blocked some of the paths. After two days of tackling numerous steep hills whilst carrying heavy rucksacks (containing tents, food, water, clothing, and other kit), we mustered all our energy and ended the expedition on a high note.

We were fortunate to enjoy mostly great weather during the day, although it drizzled a bit from time to time. However, the temperatures reached close to zero on some nights. It was an interesting experience camping at school on the Hall Meadow, as normally we would have gone to a campsite. To boost our moods, our teachers organised a campfire, where we toasted marshmallows and drank hot chocolate.

We are thankful for all the teachers that have helped us and guided us, allowing us to complete our expedition.

DofE Silver Team