Belgium History Trip (Easter Holidays)

During the Easter Holidays, some of Concord’s Lower School students visited Belgium as part of an educational history trip. They had an insightful trip, which included visiting the Battlefields of Somme and Ypres, as well as laying a wreath at Menin Gate.

Throughout the trip the group kept a diary, where all students could share their favourite moments. Here are some of the entries:

“The cemetery was very peaceful and I thought it was a place of solace. I liked the museum and how it was laid out as a timeline. Finally, the chocolate shop was a nice treat!” – Thanmayi, Form 3.

“I think that the cemeteries were very interesting, and the difference between the style of them [across countries] was huge and very noticeable. The museum tour was very informative, and our guide was very knowledgeable. Going through the trenches was very fun too! I bought some chocolate in the shop and ate ice cream with my friends.” – Isabelle, Form 3.

“It was a great, educational day! The cemeteries were really touching, as they allowed us to visualise the effects of war, rather than the deaths simply becoming numbers. Hill 62 let us see what life in the trenches was like, with mud and water flowing through low ceilinged tunnels (I happened to bang my head!). The chocolate shop was certainly interesting, with everyone in such a tiny space. Overall, it was a really great day that showed the effects of war and its devastation in fullness”. – Elliot F, Form 4.

“I liked the park and the museum a lot. What the war had brought to France was breath taking and it was interesting to see how different countries remember the sacrifices made (e.g., cemeteries). The simulation of the trench in the museum was also a new and fun experience”. – Christine, Form 4.