Journal Extracts from Kenya

Every day of their stay in Kenya, Concord’s students wrote of their personal feelings and experiences in a journal. At the end of the venture, students also gave a reflective summary of their feelings about the trip.

A number of short extracts from the journal have been shared below:

Charlene: ‘It really hit me how much a priceless treasure affordable healthcare is.  I was supposed to be helping the community in Kenya, but I guess it’s really true that serving others serves us too. Albert Schweitzer once said, “The only really happy people are those who have learnt how to serve.” I can only describe my experience in Kenya as a joy. The more I travel and the longer I get to stay in cultures not my own, the more I am reminded of our shared humanity, humour and tenderness as people. The children’s energy and enthusiasm feel particularly universal, with the atmosphere at the local schools sounding like that of a school anywhere else – full of laughter, little feet pattering in the hallways, and the sounds of children questioning, learning and growing.’

Aiko: ‘Making friends with the street kids was a life changing experience. I am known to be more reserved and not very outgoing. I don’t really fancy speaking to people I do not know very well. So when I first met the street kids I was really hesitant. I didn’t know how to start a conversation. A different culture, different language; this was extremely daunting, challenging and totally out of my comfort zone. However, picking up the courage really led to friendships that I will have for a lifetime. Over the week, they slowly opened up and I got to know them better. It is really disheartening witnessing what young kids go through, but Moving Mountains are really helping to change many lives.’

Charmaine: ‘The kids at the Rescue Centre made me realise that I have so much to be thankful for and I am really humbled by how they find joy in the simplest things in life.’

Ethan: ‘I have learnt to be appreciative of what I have. Most of these kids have very little and yet live their lives to the fullest, while I have been expecting things to just come my way. I find that no words can describe ‘appreciative’.’

‘Teaching these kids made me feel like I was flying.’

‘Step away from Tech: sometimes it’s just better to see things with your eyes than through a tiny phone.’

Arman: ‘This trip has taught me that there is more to life than money, where you live, what you wear, how many likes or followers you have on social media. I didn’t log in to my social media for the whole trip and I felt more alive and happy and had a great time.’

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