Delectable Delicacies: The Concord Cuisine!

Roasted Beef with Yorkshire Pudding and Gravy, Chicken and Mushroom Pie (with gravy of course), Fish and Chips… No surprise there – we are a boarding school in England. But, what’s this? Malaysian Laksa with King Prawn, Five Spices Sichuan Beef Stew, Thai Green Curry with Vegetables, Steamed Bak Choy with Soy Sauce, garnished with sesame seeds. Odd to think that these dishes could be served side by side. They’re from completely different origins, made with totally different ingredients – just like how we are as a school.

Butter. A breakfast staple. Not only do we have it intricately packaged, ready to delicately peel open and smoothly spread across your toast – we have it enriched within the layers and folds of pastry: the marvellous croissant. What buttery goodness! I don’t have those for breakfast though, I usually ravage through the platter of sliced fruits. Sunny Rock Melons, Juicy Honeydew, Golden Pineapples, Voluminous branches of grape. Want the traditional option of cereal and milk? We have it. Unfortunately, American cereals such as Froot Loops, Lucky Charms, and Cinnamon Crunch are essentially non-existent. BUT, what we do have are Snow-covered Frosties, Covetous Cornflakes, Wacky Weetabix, Crunchy Nut and of course – who could forget? Special K – with a capital K. That’s just breakfast (and not all of it… Obviously we have the ‘full English breakfast’ as well!)

Lunch and dinner vary daily. Yet there’s always the recurrent options of poultry, fish (both garnished in some tasty curry or sauce), and the vegetarian option. By the way, the vegetarian lasagna is sinfully delightful. Want a carbohydrate staple? You have a choice of the beloved potato, or the ideal Asian meal that is white rice. The meal structure is a nutritionist’s dream… Protein? Check. Vitamins? Check. Carbohydrates? Check. Fat? Check. Desserts? Double Check. From a massive bowl of fresh fruit to tiramisu or strawberry cheesecakes, carrot cakes, banana loaves, mousse pots, fruit tarts – the list is endless!

Honestly, I have not listed half of our menu but I am sure by now you can tell that Concord has the best to offer when it comes to food. A lot of thought goes into our school food and I am grateful to be in a school that takes food as seriously as I do! Sure, sometimes the experiments don’t turn out as well as planned, but the food here is ‘tip top’. Finally, what do I love most about the food? The fact that it reflects how diverse, how interesting and how amazing we are as a school!

Xin – 6.1