My Remote Learning Experience

I feel that the college has done a fantastic job with the implementation and execution of remote learning, swiftly moving lessons from our normal classroom learning to the online lessons in such a short time.

Before the UK government even announced the closure of schools, the college has already anticipated it, and allowed us to return home to our families so that we would not be stuck away from our loved ones, in the UK. Currently, all of us are attending lessons from all over the world via Microsoft Teams in the comfort of our own homes, with emotional support from our family members. Online learning may be more draining and we have less time in class with our classmates and teachers, but I feel that the community spirit is still very much alive. There is still opportunity at the start of the lesson to talk to our classmates and teachers to find out how they are doing, even though we do not see each other’s faces. Lesson time may be shorter now than it used to be, such that there is not enough time to ask questions in class, but the teachers are available outside of lessons to respond to any queries we may have and explain it to us.

The school has also tried their best to cater to our needs. If our internet is giving any problems and we cannot attend class, lessons are recorded. Time differences? Lessons are shortened to cater to the students in different time-zones so that we will not need to stay up too late for school. I think that while remote learning may not be as effective as classroom learning personally, it is the best we can do for now given the global situation and I think all of us are very fortunate to be in this school, with all our teachers and friends having access to the technology needed for lessons to carry on as per normal, especially when not everyone else can.

Amber – 6.1