Lockdown 2 and Life at Concord

The UK is experiencing its second lockdown, but with a more lenient, human and flexible approach to ensure proper care for the underage and those in need. The second lockdown in the UK is better than the first one, as firstly, it takes into account the need for children, and students. While in March, people taking care of young children would be prohibited from meeting other people due to the two-person limit, during this lockdown, they no longer need to find a babysitter, etc. in order to contact another as the pre-school age child will be excluded from the two-person limit. The headache of looking for childsitter would also be avoided as schools, childcare and nurseries remain open, that working parents would not need to worry about how to settle their children should schools are closed.

On the other hand, more support is available for the vulnerable ones during the second lockdown. To name a few, the support bubble allows childcare being provided by another household, and single parent family can mix with other nominated household. The government has taken into account the need of many, and the leniency allows a more efficient and caring approach, while maximally minimizing spread of the virus.

Last but not least, more services are open during the second lockdown, from essential healthcare services including dental and optical pratices, to product collection services. Delayed treatments and misdiagnoses would be avoided, and those who are in need would be able to order products without going through massive procedures. To sum, the second lockdown would definitely minimize inconvenience to maintain daily life, and households with elderly or children would greatly benefit from the more humane approach.

Concord College is not only following suite with government guidelines, but is also going above and beyond to ensure the school campus remains a fully functioning and safe place.

During the lockdown, trips to town are temporality called off, filtering students to the new Concord online shop where a range of necessity and luxury items are available for purchase. As always, Concord is still organising an abundance of fun, on-campus activities to get involved in. These are taking place in year group bubbles, adhering to the government regulations. Different coloured lanyards have been adopted by our school, ensuring this rule is followed. One activity that my friends and I have loved challenging ourselves with is the “Pedal4Lalibela” project whereby the whole school is trying to generate enough mileage to travel from the U.K to Ethiopia by exercising such as on spin bikes. This project raises money for a school in Ethiopia that we have links with. I also enjoyed pyjama day last Friday where the whole school got to wake up, roll out of bed and go straight to lessons, because we wore our pyjamas in honour of Children in Need day. Everyone who wore pyjamas donated a pound to the British charity.

Cindy and Rose – 6.2