Smile Train Charity Concert

Smile Train Charity Concert

Saturday, 17th May 2013

8:00pm – 9:00pm

West End


The Form 4 BTEC Level 2 music students are organising a Charity Concert in support of the Smile Train charity. This concert will portray the talents of the many skilled performers who are the college’s very own students. You will not only able be able to enjoy various musical performances, but also refreshment will also be sold throughout the evening in hope to raise more funds for the Smile Train charity. As highlighted in bold above, the concert will only be for an hour from 8:00pm Р9:00pm this Saturday evening. Despite the very important external exams that most Concord students are stressing about, we hope that you could see this event as some sort of a stress reliever. To all Concordians (including teachers), we highly encourage you to come join us for a fun-filled evening with a line-up of enjoyable music. Take a break from the books, and come join us for a relaxing evening.

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