‘A healthy body leads to a healthy mind.’  This is the underlying philosophy of sport here at Concord. 

We are keen for students to participate in and to be aware of the vital importance of physical fitness and well-being for a healthy and happy life.  On this basis, all students in Concord are expected to participate in at least one compulsory sports session each week.  For students in the Lower School, there is considerably more. 

Recreational sport is very popular.  A wide range of sports are available and two sports halls are open after school and in the evenings seven days/week.  There is a huge range of sporting activity available that includes athletics, archery, badminton, basketball, netball, squash, tennis, trampolining, volleyball, water polo, swimming, uni-hoc, football, weight training and horse riding.  In addition, Concord has a fully equipped gym and dance studio.  Related to this, dance is extremely popular: students enjoy a range of styles from ballet to hip-hop.

Elite sport is also supported at Concord.  The College has a range of competitive sports teams that play against other schools in the local area and – on occasion – on a regional and national level.  We also seek to support talented individuals, sports women and men, who join Concord seeking a highly academic education while continuing with their sports at competitive level elsewhere.  At the time of writing, we have four young internationals in the College: in such cases we provide time for coaching and competition as appropriate as well as support to catch up studies as necessary.

Overall, sport is a very important element of life here at Concord.  We love to see students participate at whatever level is appropriate to them.  It may be instructive to know that well over 85% of the College participated in our latest college Road Race: this spirit of involvement lies at the heart of Concord sport.

For latest sports results visit the Sports Results page.

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