Welcome to the Concord College Alumni Network.

You might be thinking...
"Why should I join this network when I already keep in touch with the friends I want?"

Our reply would be...
"Because we believe that an alumni network is more than just connecting and keeping in touch with friends".
You can use your alumni network for many other things as well as friendships.  Here are a few to start. 
  • Find out about alumni events
  • Share your success stories
  • Recruit new staff or find a job
  • Search for people in specific industries, countries or companies
  • Get recommendations and advice from people you can trust
  • Be inspired by others
  • Profile good causes you support
  • Advertise your products or services
  • Share births/deaths/marriages
  • Mentor current students
  • Help Concord College to grow so others can benefit like you did
  • Grow your business and social connections
  • ​and so much more.

The more you use your Concord Alumni network, the more benefit you and others will find from being part of it.

Concord Alumni continues to grow with membership raising steadily - help it to grow by inviting your friends to join. 

Our network is available to all former students, staff and parents of Concord College. Please follow the link to register.

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