Spectrum, Our Student-Led STEM Magazine

A team of Concord students with an interest in STEM subjects has collaborated with a group of Concord alumni to produce the second edition of their Spectrum magazine.

In each issue the students’ vision is to celebrate the international nature of scientific research and collaboration, recognise the diversity within the scientific community and showcase scientific developments and breakthroughs across the world. The magazine also serves to spotlight the achievements of Concord alumni and the scientific contributions they are making to the world stage.

Chief editor, Bee, said that it is also important that students can see how they could take their next steps in pursuing science careers by matching degree courses to examples of research and careers of Concord alumni. This term’s edition includes articles about civil engineering, cosmetic science & synthetic biology, cyber security, product design, bioprocessing, business consultancy and chemical engineering with real-world examples of cutting edge discoveries.

Head of science, Barry Brown, said the magazine was written, designed, produced and printed entirely by the small team of six students with generous help from the alumni community, and he hopes that this ongoing collaboration will continue with the new student team in the next academic year. Alumni officer, Alison Chadwick added that Concord alumni are enormously generous in passing on their experience to young Concordians. Everyone contacted was delighted to help, from alumni with over 40 years of industry experience to those in the middle of exciting PhD research projects, all giving up their time to be interviewed.

Hard copies of the magazine are being distributed to students in September as part of a careers promotion. It can also be seen as a Flip Book by clicking on the link below. The full articles written by alumni are available to read on the Concord alumni community website.