Coach Transfers – 2017-2018


Arrivals Days: Students will be met by our staff at Heathrow in the Terminal 3 arrivals lounge between 0600 & 0900 on the dates given below for coaches from Heathrow to Concord. Additional afternoon and evening coaches are often arranged if demand is sufficiently high.

Leaving Days: Departure times for coaches going to Heathrow are only finalised when students’flight details are known. Students are asked to complete holiday forms and when these are collected in (approximately three weeks before each holiday), we organise coaches accordingly. Please be aware that we allow 7 hours for transfers (for travelling and check-in). It is most often the case that students take evening flights (i.e. departing 6pm or later) and coaches depart from Concord around 11am to enable students to catch such evening flights. Occasionally, if there is sufficient demand, we can also have coaches departing Concord from 5am to enable students to catch midday and afternoon flights. Please also note that coaches taking students down to Heathrow are not accompanied by College staff. Older students can be asked to help younger ones if necessary, by prior arrangement.

Charges – If students or parents reserve a seat on a bus to/ from Heathrow, there will be no charge for this service under normal circumstances. However, if a place on a bus is reserved and is not then used, a charge of £50 will be added to that student’s bill.

Important: if there are 6 or more students travelling together with the same or similar flights, Concord will cover the cost of the transfer. If there are less than 6, parents will be asked to contribute towards the costs of taxis.

Reservations for seats on coaches can be made via e-mail to the Vice-Principal (Pastoral)’s office at the following address: Please book early and expect confirmation by return, since places on coaches are limited and numbers of coaches have to be booked well in advance of student arrival and departure days. In order to correctly book transfers we will need the following information: Flight Number; Date of flight; Flight departure / arrival time to/ from Heathrow and Terminal Number.

‘Unaccompanied Minors’: If your child is young and travelling as an “unaccompanied minor”, it is important for you to liaise with us so that we can try to arrange for a named member of staff to sign for your child at the airline desk. We can offer this service on collection from Heathrow, but our staff do not travel to Heathrow on departure days. It is not usually necessary for students to be labelled as an ‘unaccompanied minor’ as there are often other students travelling on the same flight and they can help each other. Occasionally, if there are no older students available to accompany your child to the check-in desk, parents who have marked their children as ‘unaccompanied minors’ have needed to pay for private taxi transfers. We do have a trusted taxi company who are willing to accompany students for a fee.

Students travelling to and from London can make use of our coaches only if there is space for them. Students can then make their own way into central London from Heathrow. Those students with flights will always take priority. The transport links between central London and Heathrow (for example the Heathrow Express Train) are very good and are often faster than driving. Occasionally, if there are a lot of students travelling to London, we will divert the coach to Euston or King’s Cross after dropping students with flights at Heathrow. Alternatively, there are many trains and public buses that students can use to travel between Shrewsbury and London.

Half-Term Holidays & Weekend Exeats: We do not provide transport to and from Heathrow or London for half-term holidays (all students are welcome to remain in Concord for half-term holidays free of charge if they wish to). Those students planning to go away must have written (e-mail) permission from parents, detailing which nights they plan to leave Concord and where they intend to stay. This rule applies to all exeats throughout the year. We would be grateful for as much notice as possible for these planned exeats and holidays, to allow us to update our registers, inform our resident house parents and ensure that our students are safe.

Heathrow to Concord – SEPTEMBER 2017 & START UP OF ACADECMIC YEAR 2017-2018

Friday 8th September – Prefects return to College

Sunday 10th September – New Students, and ALL those students entering 6.1 and Form 4 (including those returning from F5 & F3) plus any 6.2 students applying to Oxbridge or for Medicine

Tuesday 12th September – Returning Form 5 & remaining 6.2 Students.

Evening coaches leaving Heathrow between 7.00-9.00pm may be provided (subject to demand from students returning on afternoon flights & by prior arrangement).

Concord to Heathrow – CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY

Friday 8th December – Only for flights departing after 7pm (final assembly ends at 12.30pm)

Saturday 9th December – Coaches to Heathrow throughout the day. All students must leave Concord by 4pm.

Concord will be closed from 4pm Saturday 9th December 2017 to Saturday 6th January 2018 (inclusive).

Heathrow to Concord – JANUARY 2018 START UP

Sunday 7th January – For new students (joining Concord in January 2017) and Prefects

Tuesday 9th January – For returning students. An evening coach leaving Heathrow between 7.00-9.00pm may be provided (subject to demand from students returning on afternoon flights & by prior arrangement).

Concord to Heathrow – EASTER HOLIDAY

Wednesday 28th March – Only for flights departing after 7pm (final assembly ends at 12.30pm)

Thursday 29th March – Coaches to Heathrow throughout the day (according to flight times & demand).

Note: Form 3 & Form 4 students are not permitted to stay on campus after 4pm on Thursday 29th March and should not return before Sunday 15th April.  Students in Form 5, 6.1 & 6.2 may remain on campus to revise during the holiday period.

Heathrow to Concord – START OF SUMMER TERM 2018

Sunday 15th April – All students return to Concord (by 9.45pm)

Collection from Heathrow between 6am-9am. An evening coach leaving Heathrow between 7.00-9.00pm may be provided (subject to demand from students returning on afternoon flights & by prior arrangement).

Concord to Heathrow – END OF MAIN TERM ACADEMIC YEAR 2018

Wednesday 27th June – Only for flights departing after 7pm (final assembly ends at 12.30pm)

Thursday 28th June

Friday 29th June (please see notes below)

Notes: All students are expected to leave within 24 hours of their final examination

The College will close to all students on Friday 29th June at 12 noon and no student will be allowed to remain on campus after this time.

 All dates are provisional and may be subject to minor changes.