University Destinations 2022

Concord College

Concords 2022 leavers received their exceptional A Level results in August this year. They are now beginning the next phase of their lives. For the majority of Concord students this autumn sees them start their Higher Education journeys at university. For a small number the journey to university will continue after a break for National Service and for a few others a “Gap Year” involving travel and work experience is the plan,

This year’s cohort are going on to study a wide range of courses at many prestigious universities. Several Concordians are heading to Cambridge or Oxford and no less than 27 start at UCL this autumn. Others will be attending Imperial College London, the LSE and King’s College London. Outside of Oxford, Cambridge and London, students are going to St Andrews in Scotland, Manchester, Edinburgh, Bristol, Southampton and Warwick to name a few.

Success in gaining top spots was not limited to those wishing to study in the UK and students are also taking up offers around the world at world top 30 institutions including in the USA (Cornell, Columbia, Chicago, Los Angeles, NYU, UCSD), Canada (Toronto) and Hong Kong (University of Hong Kong).

Whether their passions and future careers are scientific or more artistic, students secured coveted places including for medicine, dentistry and veterinary schools, Engineering, Architecture, International Relations and the Liberal Arts among others. They follow previous generations of Concordians and join the thriving network of Concord alumni around the globe.

Concord’s Principal, Dr Michael Truss reflected on their success and the opportunities that their efforts have secured them, saying: “In a year that has been without doubt the most competitive ever for university places, it has been wonderful to see Concord students once again gaining access to the very best courses at so many of the world’s best universities. Their intellectual ambition and considerable hard work are as impressive as ever and very bright futures await.”