Day 2022

Wednesday September 21, 2022

British Day is an annual tradition at Concord, a whole-school social event themed around British culture and featuring an old-fashioned British fair. Hugely popular among students and staff, it acknowledges that students have come, often huge distances, to study in Britain and it provides a taste of a fun British cultural experience that everyone can join in with and enjoy. This year, the sad loss of HM Queen Elizabeth took place as Concord students were preparing for their new term. Fittingly, British Day this year began with a reflection on her life as perhaps the ultimate symbol of Britain. Following a short address by Concord Principal Dr Michael Truss, students and staff took time to reflect on The Queen’s life and qualities. The rest of British Day brought students together to enjoy food, games and rides. Marking the end of the induction period and first week of study at Concord with a chance to relax and have fun with new friends in what for many is a new place. A student-made video of British Day activities can be watched here on YouTube.