International Food Fair

Concord’s national societies were busy in the kitchen last weekend as the International Food Fair returned to the college calendar. Each national society had preparation time in the student kitchen under the watchful eye of Mr. Nauman where they prepared signature dishes from their home continent, nation or region.

On Sunday afternoon the societies presented their dishes to the whole school community so that fellow students and staff could share in a little taste of their home. The event was popular with everyone and the food was soon all eaten.

For Vice Principal, Mr Kerslake, the return of the Food Fayre was a very welcome one “For me, the International Food Fayre sums up the spirit of Concord in bringing together different cuisines from all over the world – with students able to sample and gain a taste of different cultures and traditions. It was great to see the return of the Food Fayre after the pandemic with large numbers of students involved from Thailand and Nigeria plus so many British day students involved in the Desi Society providing food from India, Pakistan & Bangladesh.”

Mr Kerslake continued: “Mohamed Nauman (our member of staff who runs the student West End cafe and shop) was once again a complete star in organising students and – crucially – maintaining good food hygiene standards. It is one of those College events (along with House Arts) when students get a real chance to: be creative; organise themselves; take on leadership roles; try something new; gain greater independence in preparation for life at university and beyond.”