Geographer Number One in the UK

Sixth Form student Megan has been awarded a Royal Geographical Society Excellence Award. The awards recognise exceptional performance in Geography exams. Megan’s award was for her Cambridge International AS Level Geography examination last summer in which she achieved the highest raw mark in the country.

The Society described Megan’s result as an outstanding achievement and congratulated her.

Professor Joe Smith, Director of the Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers), said:

“Today’s young people have a keen interest in many key geographical issues, including climate change, and studying geography helps them to better understand the world’s people, places and environments, and how they are changing.

“The Society is delighted to recognise the outstanding success of these dedicated students. Our Excellence Awards reflect their hard work, the support of their geography teachers and parents, and the students’ curiosity about their world, which we hope they will carry with them into the future.”

Geography teachers Mrs Susan Cunliffe and Mr Matthew Jones who both teach Megan said:

“We were thrilled to hear of Megan’s exceptional achievement. She is an intuitive geographer who has a deep understanding of the processes shaping the world around her. With extraordinary commitment to her learning, great attention to detail, and the ability to think holistically to make synoptic links, it is no surprise that she was so successful at AS level. We are extremely proud of her.”