GCSE Results Day 2023

Congratulations to our Form 5 students who received their GCSE / IGCSE results today.

Our 85 students achieved the College’s best ever results from a year with formal examinations; 90% of all their grades were 7/8/9 – the equivalent of the old A*/A grades. An impressive 53% of grades were 9s – the highest possible grade.

Among the many successes 74% of all Mathematics grades were 9s. 87% of French and 92% of Spanish grades were 8 or 9.

19 students, more than a fifth of the year, achieved 9 or more grade 9s.

Concord’s Principal Dr Michael Truss commented: “I am delighted that our students’ hard work and dedication has been rewarded with such impressive results.

“The grades they have achieved are just one, albeit clearly measurable, outcome from their studies in Concord’s Lower School. The care and dedication of all of the Concord staff who have supported them alongside the encouragement they have received from home has helped them on their way to their success today and to being ready face the next challenges that await them.

“We are immensely proud of them for their outstanding results and also for the exceptional young people they are becoming.”