Professional Guidance: Law

Students considering Law as a degree and or future profession have a range of clubs and societies to choose from which will help them to explore their interest and develop their skills. Taking part in the Model United Nations (MUN) is one such option which helps students to build confidence in their public speaking, writing and research skills. There is a thriving Debating club which competes both internally and externally.


Students who feel they would benefit from working on their public speaking can also take extra-curricular LAMDA lesson. There are also trips to local law courts and students are encouraged to look at relevant MOOCs and to source valuable work experience.

Many prospective Law students also choose an EPQ with a suitable theme in the sixth form to develop their own independent learning and knowledge.

For those who choose to apply for Law courses, our university coordinators and teaching staff support and advise on the best route for each student; and provide guidance and training for the LNAT and for personal statements. Our Law coordinator is herself legally trained and can therefore offer the benefit of first-hand experience. In 6.2 support continues in the form of mock interviews for those students applying to highly selective universities which use interviews in their selection processes.

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