Fundraiser for Earthquake Relief

Concord students have come together in the wake of the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria to raise an incredible £1554.44 (so far) to help those affected.

As an international community which includes students from Turkey, the College’s students were keen to do something to help.

Fundraising started when F5 student Ceylin suggested having a donation box and perhaps setting up an online fundraiser after talking to Mrs Kim about ways in which the Concord Community could help.
“When I heard the news of the earthquake back home I knew I had to do something to help the devastation in my country.
It started off with an idea of making and selling Valentine’s Day chocolates. On a Sunday Taylors boarding house girls came together to help the cause raising over 200 pounds with the help of Mrs Kim, Mrs Bagley, Ms Screen and other staff” she explained.

6.2 student Bulut who also comes from Turkey, wanted to raise funds too. “Wanting to make this donation as big as possible we thought of holding a bake sale in College which would help us raise awareness as well as raise a greater sum of money.” he said.

With help from lots of friends and the College’s Outreach team, the bake-sale was arranged!

Bulut explained the team work and coordination that went into the event: “In the space of one week we bought all of the ingredients and distributed them to those who agreed to help with the baking to prepare everything by the 16th of February, the day of the bake sale! On the day of the sale, we had great contributions from teachers as well who donated more treats for us to sell through the 2 break times.”

“After intensive selling throughout a combined 35 minutes we were able to raise £1000.44! This is all thanks to members of staff and students who turned up to buy treats, especially the outstanding number of people who were willing to extend their donation beyond the price of the treats they bought. For card users to donate as well, we set up a just giving fundraising page where we were able to raise another £554 which brought our grand total to £1554 ”

The team was delighted with the outcome of the fundraising: Bulut commented: “A big thank you to everyone who helped us in organising what turned out to be a great success!”

“Outreach prefects, Bulut and I raised over 1000 pounds in aid of the Turkish earthquake victims and feel we made an impact back home.” added Ceylin.

Staff and students alike enjoyed not only the amazing baking, but also the opportunity to come together in aid of such a good cause.

The funds raised have been donated to the Oxfam Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal. Anyone wishing to donate to the fundraiser can do so here.