Edinburgh Music Competition

After hearing about the 2023 Edinburgh Music Competition Festival, Concord student, Rosanna, was excited to ask the college if she could apply to perform at the Concerto competition.

Rosanna, who is in Form 4 at Concord, is currently working towards her Diploma grade in piano. Her piano tutor, Mrs Giles, commented on Rosanna’s enthusiasm: “Rosanna is such a proactive and highly motivated student who is always searching for an opportunity to play. Seeing your students perform in concerts and competitions is one of the joys of teaching”.

Edinburgh Music Competition Festival is an annual event for musicians of all ages. The festival has been running for over 100 years, offering musicians the chance to perform amongst a friendly environment and in a beautiful venue.

With Rosanna’s place confirmed in the Concerto Class, she and Mrs Giles embarked on the 5-hour train journey up to Edinburgh for the performance. Upon arrival at the impressive St Cuthbert’s Church in the centre of Edinburgh, Rosanna received a very warm welcome. She had a couple of hours to practise her concerto, as well as a chance for a quick run through on the stage. During this time, Rosanna had the opportunity to meet with other competitors, mostly from Glasgow Conservatoire, who regularly perform at Edinburgh Music Festival.

Rosanna, who is only 14, was amongst the youngest of the 30 performers. She performed the finale from Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No.5, known as the Emperor Concerto, a very technically and musically challenging piece.

After the performance, Mrs Giles, who was also Rosanna’s accompanist for the day, said: “What continues to inspire me about Rosanna is the way she brilliantly immerses herself fully in every piece she plays”.

Rosanna also reflected warmly on her experience at the Edinburgh Music Competition Festival: “It was really valuable to compete with high-level musicians, and to listen to different instruments as well as their individual styles”.

After the Concerto Class, Rosanna had the chance to see a couple of the classic tourist attractions, including the Edinburgh Castle and beautiful parks, before heading back to Concord on the train. Overall, it was a long, but insightful and successful day: “Edinburgh was an interesting, new place to visit and it gave me experience for other competitions that may require long days and travel” said Rosanna.

“It’s amazing to see Rosanna soaking up all of the influence and music exposure at Concord and grasping all opportunities. Because of this, Rosanna has made incredible progress this year”, commented Mrs Giles.

For a chance to hear Rosanna play, please attend Concord’s Concerto Competition 2023 next month, where she will play her concerto alongside a professional orchestra. The competition will take place at Concord College on Saturday 11th March, at 7:00pm. Tickets are free of charge; please reserve your seat by emailing emily.purvis@concordcollege.org.uk.