Concord’s Newest Lifeguards

Concord College's new and current qualified lifeguards gather by Concord College's swimming pool

Concord recently welcomed 11 newly qualified lifeguards to its lifeguarding team. The 6.1 students, who passed their Royal Lifesaving Society exams at the end of April, were warmly welcomed to Concord’s lifeguarding team by the current 6.2 lifeguards. The 6.2s will soon hang up their Concord lifeguarding hoodies, as they leave the College to embark on their next chapters. Some are keen to continue utilising their lifeguard qualifications at home, at university and beyond.

Every year, Concord offers strong swimmers with the right skills in sixth form an exciting opportunity to train to be lifeguards. Those who sign up and are selected undertake a lot of hard work and over 40 hours of training before they earn their qualifications as National Pool Lifeguards.

Across the coming year, Concord’s lifeguarding team take turns monitoring the College’s pool whilst it is used by students and staff for leisure, swimming lessons and house activities such as the annual triathlon and swim gala event.

Concord's newest team of qualified lifeguards stand at Concord College's swimming pool

Concord’s newly qualified lifeguards 2024/25

Concord College's current lifeguards gather by Concord College's swimming pool

Concord’s current lifeguarding team 2023/24

Of Concord’s newest lifeguards, many learned to swim when they were younger and a few have swam competitively throughout their childhoods.

One member of the new team, Matthew, was invited to represent Hong Kong (Aged 13-14) in swimming competitions.

Additionally, new lifeguard, Aarush, is part of Concord’s Elite Sports Programme and continues to swim competitively. Aarush recently stormed Concord’s swimming gala, winning the Boys Individual Champion award and setting a new Concord record in the 6.1 boys backstroke race.