Back-to-Back Inter-House Events

When Concord’s annual House Triathlon was postponed in March due to snow, it the paved the way for an exciting fortnight of House events when it was rescheduled for April- a week before the equally anticipated House Swimming Gala.

And so, the two events were completed on consecutive Wednesdays, sharing an exciting awards ceremony which revealed that all Houses are now in tight competition as we enter the final term of Inter-House activities.

On Wednesday 19th April, the House Triathlon saw more than 200 students sign up to represent their House. They could partake in a group- completing either a rowing, running or swimming segment, or they could represent their House in an individual race, completing all three events in one go.

This year’s House Triathlon set sixteen new Concord records across both the team and individual competitions, with Teresa House coming out on top for the overall event.

A week later, on Wednesday 26th April, Concord’s indoor heated swimming pool hosted the exciting Inter-House Swimming Gala. The afternoon saw over 30 races, including freestyle, butterfly and breaststroke for individual and relay teams. Again, Teresa excelled in this competition, setting four new Concord records alone. Pankhurst House came in 2nd place, breaking two Concord records, followed by Gandhi and then Mandela. Overall, the Swim Gala saw six Concord records broken this year- one of which had been held since 1997!