It is highly recommended that you visit any school before choosing to send your child to study there.  A visit can help you to see the facilities but more importantly, to ‘feel’ its atmosphere and to meet key members of staff.

Concord is no exception.  Families are almost invariably welcome to visit.  A visit would normally start with a meeting with the Principal or the Head of Lower School giving parents and students a chance to ask any questions they consider important.  This will normally be followed by a tour of the College and the campus either with a prefect or a member of the college staff.  Efforts are usually made to link families with a student of their own nationality – at least for some of their visit – as this can be very helpful, especially if parents do not have English as their first language.

Occasionally, at times of public examinations or during the Christmas shut-down – visits might be more difficult, but we will always do what we can to make visitors feel welcome.  Visits during the summer are also possible, but parents should bear in mind that Concord runs a summer course during July and August: the summer course has a very different feel to the Main Term as it is more recreational and open to children as young as ten.  It will therefore be harder to appreciate the mature and studious atmosphere that characterizes Concord during Main Term if you choose to visit during the summer.

Overall, you are most welcome to visit.  Please make an appointment to do so by emailing the College at

Visitors & Covid-19

Our Principles in dealing with concerns about Covid-19

Concord College will seek to:

  1. Follow closely the latest advice of the UK government (& its organisations such as the NHS & Public Health England) about Covid-19 measures.
  2. Be transparent in communicating with all members of its community about any suspected (or confirmed) cases of Covid-19 if these should occur.
  3. Prioritise the physical and emotional welfare of all members of its community in both attempting to prevent an outbreak of Covid-19 or in dealing with periods of quarantine/isolation in the event of a suspected/ confirmed case.
  4. Avoid closing in the event of Covid-19 reaching us here – unless it is instructed to do so by a UK government body – since we are a boarding school. However, a partial closure is thought to be a more likely possibility and we are now putting in place plans for containing any potential outbreak and for remote learning to take place during such a time.
  5. Recognise the importance of managing the real anxieties and fears of parents and all members of our community in relation to Covid-19.

Visitors to our campus

The coronavirus – COVID-19 – continues to be a significant concern for us all and Concord is currently closed to students although education continues online.

During this time of concern about limiting the spread of the Covid-19 virus here in the UK we are only allowing visitors to enter our campus for a very limited number of reasons (see guidance below). We would ask that those planning to travel to our campus consider if their visit is essential. If any planned visit could be delayed to a later time, then it should be.

Anyone visiting our campus at this time will be asked to have their temperature taken, should maintain good hand and respiratory hygiene and will need to comply with staff requirements in terms of social distancing.

Here is our latest guidance.

Guidance for visitors – Updated October 2020

Please confirm your compliance with the above on arrival.