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Many students join Concord in the Lower School at Form 3 (13 years of age) or Form 4 (14 years of age), and other students join Concord in the Sixth Form (at ages that vary from 16 to 17) to study for their A Levels before entering a UK university.

Where possible, applications for boarding places should be submitted to the College before the September prior to the start of the academic year the student wishes to enter. For example, applications for entry in either September 2022 or January 2023 should be submitted before September 2021.

To apply for a Boarding place:

  1. Prior to submitting an application, you should review the entry criteria for the relevant year group to confirm that the student meets all of the requirements. See Concord’s Admissions Policy
  2. Complete the A Level, GCSE or Form 3 (Year 9) online Application Form (see Admissions menu). This will automatically route to our Admissions Secretary once submitted.  A £300 non-refundable registration fee is payable for all applications for a boarding place.  Please contact the Admissions Secretary for methods of payment.
  3. Once you have submitted the online application form, please send the student’s latest school reports (over the previous two years) to the College.  You should also include any other information that might be helpful (copies of certificates or references for instance) and a copy of the student’s passport.  These can be emailed as attachments to  or sent to the College by fax to: (44) 1694 731389.
  4. The Admissions Secretary will acknowledge receipt of the application and will advise you of the next stage of the process.
  5. Students applying for entry to Concord College will be invited to sit the college entry tests within 12 months of the start date of the academic year the student wishes to enter.  Please contact the Admissions Secretary for more information regarding the tests.
  6. Your Application will be held and assessed alongside all other applications for the same entry date in line with the following time scales:
    1. Decisions for September entry will be made during November, 10 months prior to the entry date.  i.e. applications for entry in September 2022 will be reviewed in November 2021
    2. Decisions for January entry will also be made during November, 14 months prior to the entry date.  i.e. applications for entry in January 2023 will be reviewed in November 2021
  7. Prior to the October review, some students may be invited to sit further entry tests. Details will be sent out via email during the summer prior to the review if required.  Interviews may also be requested as follows:
    1. At the College for those students able to visit in person
    2. At an overseas venue to meet a member of Concord’s staff during one of the many scheduled visits abroad
    3. Via Skype where the above two options are not possible
  8. All the information is then reviewed by the Principal before a decision is taken whether to offer a place.

To apply for a Day Student place at the College, please contact the Admissions Secretary.

It is recommended that you read the Expectations of Students page before making an application.