A significant number of Concordians go on to study medicine each year.  It is probably the most popular of all courses to which Concord students apply each year.

However, it is not an easy process, nor is medicine right for all students.  It is not enough simply to be intelligent: grades will not be enough to enable a student to enter medical school.  There also needs to be clear evidence of effective communication and team-working skills, empathy, demonstrable love of science, and the ability to manage time effectively.  In addition, it is expected that applicants to medical school will have undertaken a period of work experience: this is normally arranged by the student or their family. It is worth saying that such work experience may be directly related to medicine, but could also involve working in a caring environment such as a children’s home, old people’s home or hospice. Our Student Futures Officer plays a key role in supporting students to find work experience locally in care homes and hospitals where we have developed well-established links.

Concord arranges considerable support for students applying to medical school.  Concord’s specialist Medicine Support Programme includes weekly meetings to cover all aspects of the application process, monthly evening talks by practising doctors and a one-day conference attended by a significant number of UK medical schools and health care-professionals. In addition to this, four focused training days are provided on interview technique and the UKCAT and BMAT admissions tests. A dedicated team of five staff with expertise in medical admissions provide 1:1 support to students throughout the application process. This includes assisting students applying outside the UK.

Concord also has a very active student-led ‘Medical Society’, with numerous highly-contested leadership positions. The Society leads weekly events including discussion forums, TEDMED student lectures on current medical issues and a MEDLIT group to review literature. A mentoring coordinator ensures that all prospective medics have a friendly older mentor to guide them. Students have produced their own Medicine Virtual-Learning Environment to support prospective medics and a termly magazine called ‘Pillars’. The Society also enjoys an annual 3-day medical residential trip to London and a two-week medical work experience expedition overseas (to Kenya in 2019).

Read the full Medical Support Programme here.

The Medicspot Innovation Grant awards £500 to Concord College students going on to study a degree or equivalent related to health, medicine, nursing or life sciences. Applications must be submitted online by 31 March each year. For more information and to apply: