A Level Course Combinations

Timetabling means that not all combinations of subjects are possible. The menu below indicates common combinations that are readily accommodated. Students can choose a menu (A, B or C) and then choose three or four A Level options from that menu. If your preferred combination of subjects is not within one of these menus, please contact our admissions team who will check whether it is possible and let you know.

Menu AMenu BMenu C
Further Maths or Spanish or GeographyFurther MathsBiology
History or Physics or FrenchPhysicsPhysics or Economics or German or French
English Language and LiteratureArtEnglish Language and Literature

The following subjects are offered for study at A Level at Concord: Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Spanish, Geography, Economics, History, Physics, English Literature and Language, Chemistry, Art, French and German. The College also offers the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). Some students may be able to take language A Levels in their native language (please ask). Students whose English skills the College believes require improvement will also be timetabled to have English as a foreign language lessons. Art is also available as an AS Level (rather than full A Level), students considering this should select Art and note that they may prefer AS Level in the comments box.  EPQs may be studied alongside any menu.

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