6th Annual Medical Futures Conference

Concord hosted its 6th annual Medical Futures Conference on March 4th. The conference welcomed students from around the region to the campus and was also available online for those unable to travel to the College. Attendees included Concord’s own students, many of whom are part of the College’s Medical Society, students from local state and independent schools and online attendees from as far away as Korea!

Aimed at school students who are considering careers as doctors, dentists or vets or in the wider NHS , the conference hopes to help students in deciding what they would like to study and in making their applications as strong as possible.

The conference began with lectures in the Morris Building Theatre where, after an introduction from Head of Science, and conference organiser, Mr Barry Brown, attendees heard about how to succeed in a medical school application including how to choose the right medical school for them and how to develop their personal statement.

After lunch, provided by the college, delegates headed over to the Science building.

The afternoon session comprised a series of workshops and experiences. Among the options, delegates had the chance to speak to people at all stages of their medical careers, from medical students to junior doctors to consultants from a wide range of specialities. Potential medics were also able to attend workshops on admissions tests, interviews and finding work experience.

Representatives from UK (and indeed beyond!) medical schools were on hand to talk about their universities, courses and admissions processes.

A highlight for many was the hands-on skills workshops which provided the attendees with a feel for the practical side of their chosen careers.

A number of Concord Alumni who went on to study medicine made the journey back to Shropshire to help at the conference and support the next generation of young doctors. From first year medical students to highly experienced consultants, all came to support and encourage future medics.

“It was an incredibly insightful day and a wonderful experience. I enjoyed the variety and the further information we received as well as the different talks… I will definitely come again if possible next year in year 12.” Y11 student at Brine Lees

“It was truly a lot more than I expected! It was so full of information yet so fun and engaging. I woke up this morning thinking I could’ve just stayed in bed, but after the conference, I thought I would’ve woken up twice as early if it meant I get to see all this! A big thank you for everyone, and I mean everyone, involved in the organisation! It was a perfect conference!” Y12 student Moreton Hall

“I think it was very useful to be able to be both informed about the upcoming choices we have to make and how best to maximise our chances, as well as being given a flavour of life as a medical student/doctor in the afternoon sessions. I particularly enjoyed speaking to doctors and universities and attending the workshops.” Y12 student Newport Girls High School.

“I couldn’t have spoken to more professionals in medicine than this. it was truly an amazing experience” student at Shrewsbury Sixth Form College.