Concord has a dedicated recreation team consisting of Art, Outdoor Education, Performing Arts and Sports staff. They organise a wide range of activities for students to participate in after lessons and at the weekend, both on and off campus, which are suitable for all ages and abilities.

Younger students (under 12’s) have an organised and supervised timetable of events after lessons. They cannot opt out of this and must participate in the programme.  This is known as the “Cubs Club” and students are divided into Lion, Tiger, Wolf and Bear Cub groups. They enjoy a variety of activities organised especially for them, including a Cubs disco twice a week.

The afternoon and evening activities are not compulsory for older students (12+).  Those who choose not to take part in the on and off-campus organised activities may be unsupervised at times.  All students are registered at supper time (1800 – 1830) and again at bedtime (2230).

The Outdoor Education staff lead and supervise outdoor adventurous activities both on campus and off site. Activities on campus are free (inclusive of the course fee) and those off site incur a small deposit (£2) to reserve a place. These activities include bush craft, canoeing, cycling, high ropes, hill walking, mountain biking and rock climbing.

Other off-campus activities are also organised, such as cinema and theatre visits, ten-pin bowling, ice-skating, laser quest, white water rafting, karting and paintballing. All activities are supervised by a member of staff at all times and incur additional costs.

Activity Location

Approximate Cost

Cinema Shrewsbury


2 Hour Horse Riding Experience Shropshire


Ice Skating Telford


Karting Shropshire


Laser Quest Shrewsbury


Paintballing Shropshire


Ten Pin Bowling Shrewsbury


White Water Rafting Shropshire