Our course dates for the 2020 programme are 5 July – 27 July 2020 and 30 July – 21 August 2020.  Full programme details and fees will be available from mid-September when applications will also be accepted.

Students must be aged between 10-17 for both our English or Science programme on the start date of the course (and must not turn 18 during the programme).  Our University Preparation programme is aimed at students aged 16-18.

There are no formal examinations at the end of the course although the students are tested on a weekly basis to monitor their progress.  An individual student report detailing the progress the student has made in their studies and their involvement in the recreational programme will be emailed to parents/guardians at the end of the course.

We can cater for most special learning needs but it is important that we are informed of any learning needs so that we can provide the necessary support for the student.

Both the English and Science courses have lessons timetabled Monday to Friday between 0900 and 1500 with the exception of Wednesday when lessons finish at 1230.  Our class sizes have a maximum of fourteen students.

Our recreation and Skills Extra programmes begin at 1530 Monday to Friday (except Wednesday). This is optional for students aged 12+ and if they do not participate in the recreation or Skills Extra programme they have free time on campus until bedtime at 2230, although they do have electronic registration times during this period – 1830 at supper time for example.  Our under 12 students are part of Cubs Club which takes place from 1500 until bedtime at 2130.  This involves a supervised, structured timetable of activities and additional excursions – all Under 12s must attend Cubs Club.

It is not possible to mix Science with an English course due to timetable constraints but there is the possibility to request additional English, Maths or Science lessons (at an extra cost).  Science students must have a good level of English (B1 Intermediate) to benefit fully from the course.