to Apply for a Summer Programme

Before you apply

Please ensure you have read the programme requirements before selecting your course

⊕ English requirement for Science (B1), Future Leader (B2) and University Preparation (B1) programmes

⊕ Ages for Junior (10-12), Senior (13-17) and University Preparation (16-18) programmes

If you have questions about the programme before applying, please contact us at

How to apply

Complete and submit the correct on line application form:

You will need to have the following information:

What happens after the application has been submitted?

Once the application form has been submitted you will receive a confirmation email advising you that your form has been sent to the Summer Course team.

Within 2 working days, the Summer Course team will confirm (or otherwise) the offer of a place.  This email will also include details of how the £500 GBP non-refundable deposit can be made.  The deposit payment can be made by:

  • Debit/credit card – unique user details will be provided to access our on-line payment system
  • Bank transfer – bank details will be provided

To secure the place, the deposit payment must be made within 5 working days of receiving the offer of a place.

Within 14 working days of receipt of the deposit payment we will issue by email:

  • A confirmation letter with a certificate of acceptance
  • A supporting visa letter (if required)
  • Travel form for the student’s arrival/departure details

Our Accounts Office will supply a financial statement showing any outstanding balance due.

Then what?

Any outstanding balances will be due by the following dates:

  • University Preparation: 21 June – 3 July balance must be clear by 26 April 2020
  • English/Science Course 1: 6 July – 27 July balance must be clear by 11 May 2020
  • English/Science Course 2: 30 July – 21 August balance must be clear by 4 June 2020

We will keep in touch with you about the application and the course but, if you require information at any time about the programme, please email – we are very happy to answer any questions.

You can also follow us via social media to keep up to date with what is happening at Concord College:




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