Throughout each course, students benefit from a half day trip (*) every Wednesday afternoon, and a full day trip every weekend (typically Saturday).  The location is chosen based on its journey time from Concord, its interest to students and its safety.

Excursions previously visited include:

Alton Towers Birmingham Bristol (2019)
Chester (2019) Cardiff Liverpool (2019)
Liverpool (2019) Manchester Nottingham
Oxford Shrewsbury (*) (2019) Telford (*) (2019)

Some additional trips run throughout the course, which are optional and incur an additional fee

All students will:

  • Be supervised on the coach journey to the venue
  • Have contact details of the trip leader and accompanying staff
  • Have a map of the place being visited
  • Be shown where the meeting point is where a member of staff will be located throughout the duration of the trip
  • Have a card with contact details to show a retail/shop assistant, police etc if they need help

Unsupervised students will be required to check in at the meeting point at designated times throughout the trip and must remain in a minimum student group size of 4

Supervision for students Age 10-12

  • Supervised for all excursions by a teacher
  • Ratio of 1 teacher:6 students

Supervision for students Age 13+

  • Students are unsupervised for all excursions unless indicated otherwise on the application form, this includes for:
    • Enclosed parks and attractions
    • Small Towns
    • Minor Cities
    • Major Cities

The Course Director will make the final decision regarding supervision.