of Students

We understand that sending your son or daughter away from home can be a very big step for both parent and child and, as a result, we want to ensure that your son/daughter is safe and well cared for.  At Concord, we ensure that all students feel safe and cared for whilst in our charge and we pride ourselves on the care of students:

Safeguarding & Pastoral Team

Concord has a Safeguarding Policy in line with the UK Government statutory guidance and it is reviewed regularly.  Our Safeguarding Team deal with all issues relating to student welfare from homesickness to health and wellbeing.

Medical Centre

We have a purpose built Medical Centre with a team of qualified nurses who:

  • facilitate the access to medication
  • administer UK medication only
  • help any student feeling unwell
  • provide first aid

Whilst there is no charge to be seen by the College nurse, there may be charges incurred by students from certain countries for NHS hospital treatment.  We encourage students obtain insurance (travel & medical) before travelling.

Electronic ID registration for students

Students are issued with an electronic ID badge on arrival and are required to register electronically at key points throughout the day.  Our Safeguarding Team can quickly locate students who have not registered for lessons.  They can also monitor that students are attending meal times.


The dining room has three serving areas and offers a varied selection of food for breakfast, lunch and supper, including:

  • Hot meals
  • Soup
  • Deli bar
  • Salad bar
  • Fruit cart
  • Specialised dietary needs
  • Allergen listings

Boarding Residences & Boarding Life

Arranged by gender and age, our boarding residences are managed by at least one House Parent living in the residence:

  • The House Parent is there for the students to talk to and will check regularly on the student’s welfare
  • Electronic/key code entry to the residence
  • Electronic/key entry to bedrooms
  • Set weekday bedtime for students:
    • Juniors – 2130
    • Seniors – 2200

IT/Computer Safety

All buildings have WiFi but it is switched off from midnight until 0600 to ensure students have a good night’s sleep.  It is also switched off between 1530-1700 to offer students a digital detox.  There is also a robust Firewall in place.

Orientation Sessions

A series of sessions to introduce students to life in the UK and promote student safety, including:

  • Road safety
  • Security of mobile phones and other personal possessions
  • Dangers of bullying
  • Online safety
  • Staying safe in the UK

Supervised Access

Students have supervised or restricted access to key areas such as:

  • Swimming pool
  • Outdoor pursuits
  • Science laboratories
  • Art rooms
  • Sports halls

CCTV and Security Team

Our Security team ensure the campus is a safe and secure place to live and study with our extensive CCTV system monitored regularly.  Security personnel check all visitors in and out of campus from our custom gate house.