Summer School

Concord College is an established international boarding school which, as well as providing the highest quality education for students from all over the world, have also been running summer courses for over 30 years.

The word ‘concord’ means harmony and it is a fantastic opportunity for young people from all over the world to live and study together on campus and to experience other languages and cultures.

Throughout the years thousands of boys and girls from all over the world have attended our courses. The students, from very diverse cultures, religions and creeds, live and study together in harmony and make long-lasting friendships.  Many students return for several years to meet up with friends made on previous courses and we have children and even grandchildren of former students attending.

The aims of a Concord College summer course are:

  • To build students’ confidence in their own abilities;
  • To improve students’ skills in English, including reading, writing, speaking and listening and/or to complement and increase their understanding of Science, Maths and Economics;
  • To provide opportunities for students to find self-worth and enjoy their academic experience through a wide range of enrichment activities;
  • To enable students to see something of Britain and the British way of life;
  • To meet and make friends with young people from many different countries and enhance their intercultural understanding for international harmony;
  • To provide students a safe and caring environment.

The courses are constructed carefully to give each student the opportunity to study a full English or Science, Maths or Economics course and, with the addition of a wide range of sporting and social activities available, there is so much to enjoy and see.