U19 Sports Events

Throughout this half of term, many of our sports teams have taken part in exciting sporting events. For many teams, these matches marked their first times playing together. Regardless, there has been amazing results and it has been great fun!

See below the student match reports from netball, basketball and football games over the last number of weeks.

29.09.2022. U19 Boys basketball. Concord College vs Shrewsbury School.

“On September 29th, 2022, Concord College played an away basketball game at Shrewsbury School. Coming to this fixture, we had little to no experience playing as a team, so we lacked chemistry and communication in the game. With this, Shrewsbury School was able to take our defence apart inside the post, building a small lead”. Read more: U19 Boys Basketball

6.10.2022. U19 Girls basketball. Concord College vs Shrewsbury School.

“It was a memorable and unexpected match, for our first match since coming back to Concord. We hadn’t had much practice yet, so there was a lack of tactical understanding between us. Furthermore, most of our teammates are beginners and new to the team, but we still managed to do our best”. Read more: U19 Girls basketball

12.10.2022. U19 Girls football. Concord College vs Belvidere School.

“Considering that this is the first game we have played as a team, I think it is safe to say that we played incredibly well. For the majority of the team, this was the first game that they have ever played, and for some the first time playing in a match setting”. Read more: U19 Girls football

19.10.2022. U19 Girls netball. Concord College vs Shrewsbury Colleges Group.

“On the 19th of October the upper school netball team played an away game against Shrewsbury College. As our first game of the year, we were a little apprehensive at first – we had the majority of ball possession yet weren’t making as many shots as they were”. Read more: U19 Netball

19.10.2022. U19 Boys basketball. Concord College vs Shrewsbury Colleges Group.

“On 19th October our team faced Shrewsbury College. Shrewsbury College had a strong basketball team, with a height advantage over us. Kenny demonstrated leadership, as a captain he completed his duties, and we were able to secure a victory”. Read more: U19 Boys basketball