Valentine’s Day

This week the school has been quite exciting I would say. I mean with Valentine’s Day coming up I am sure that every person here in Concord will be busy making Valentine’s plans and preparing Valentine’s Day gifts for their friends or loved ones.

I guess this is what makes Valentine’s in Concord so much fun because you do not need an actual Valentine date or a partner to feel loved on this occasion. All we need to do is to show our friends and loved ones how much we appreciate them for always being there for us.

I personally feel that we shouldn’t need an occasion such as Valentine’s Day to see how much ‘love’ we get as our friends show love to us every single day. However, on Valentine’s Day I managed to score myself a lovely lunch Date with Praveen, as evidently seen above.

This was all in aid of The Harry Johnson trust, where people placed bets on others to win the opportunity to have lunch with the one of the lucky people on offer. I really like the idea of a lunch date, because besides keeping the romantic flair alive, it was very light-hearted and all in all was a good laugh.

It was also quite unusual, coming up from Lower School I have never experienced an event like this before for Valentine’s Day. Besides this there were other events to help raise money such as, guessing how long Mr and Mrs Hawkins have been married for and a bake sale. The Mr and Mrs Hawkins challenge and candygrams raised around £1200 which is an astonishing amount, all given to an excellent cause.

To conclude, I hope that everyone enjoyed their Valentine’s Day and that something of similar merit to charity will continue in future years to come.


J.C.V. Parker