A Celebration of Identity

Last weekend, we held our annual winter concert at Theatre Severn. Over 300 students from the college actively participated in the showcase and put together spectacular performances.

As one of the most highly anticipated events on the college calendar, it certainly did not disappoint. Under the guidance of Miss Perrins, Miss Russell, Mr Bannister and Ms Love, the various Heads of Societies worked hard to pull together performances that encapsulated the essence of their country’s identity. Members of the societies then worked tirelessly behind the scenes to perfect their performances.

Audiences truly witnessed a burst of colour on stage, with performances ranging from Indian Society’s dynamic traditional dance to Korean Society’s captivating Taekwondo routine. Not forgetting the drama performances that really tugged at heartstrings and a lively musical item by our Form 3 group of students. The ensemble, choir and wind group were also truly breath-taking. We showcased our wide range of talents not only to the general Shrewsbury public but also to the rest of the world, as the entire showcase was live-streamed in real time.

The showcase culminated with the finale ‘This is Me’ in celebration of each and every one of our unique identities and the harmonious diversity that Concord College embraces. It was truly a night to remember, to say the least!

Michelle – 6.2