How to be successful at Concord!

It’s no news to us how exhausting the routine 9-4 school day can be. Well, fret no more! Here are 5 tips that will certainly make your ‘Concord Life’ more enjoyable, and successful too.

1. Be organised

Going for classes, handing prep in, attending clubs and societies… It may seem like just too much! Truth be told, the chances of remembering all you have to do are unlikely therefore, it is advisable to get a planner. This way, you can organise your thoughts as well as make notes of important meetings and deadlines. Without a doubt, successful planning ensures you live each day purposefully.

2. Be inquisitive

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! If you are unsure about anything- school work, the location of an activity or even how to get around school, it’s easy; ask someone! We are surrounded by lovely, like-minded students and amazing staff who will be more than willing to help in any way.

3. Get involved!

Concord College provides us with vast opportunities and it is left to us to make good use of them. Actively trying out a range of sports, extracurricular activities and participating in ‘house’ events enable you to discover your strengths and interests while exploring an array of activities; there is simply something for everyone. Most importantly, taking part in extracurricular activities helps to take your mind off school work and have fun!

4. Eat right

As corny as it may sound, “Don’t avoid those greens on your plate, they are good for you!” Remember to stay hydrated and make it a habit to have at least a fruit a day. Endeavouring to maintain a balanced diet keeps you healthy, gives you energy to carry out daily tasks and keeps your skin glowing. I mean, what more could you possibly need?

5. Rest, relax and repeat!

Work hard but do not forget to create time to give yourself some rest. You could do this by observing a siesta, listening to relaxing music to unwind or perhaps watching your favourite TV show with some popcorn by your side.

Adebola Osuntoki – 6.1