A Spring Concert, Concord Style.

The spring concert was the most spectacular event. Bursting with life, the show had praises sung by many. The must-see event of the year was yet again a sold-out, magical feast for the eyes. From the dextrous fingers of the many musicians that adorned the stage to the nimble footwork that was intricately planned, every act brought the venue to life, a night to remember for all. Even the Mayor was jaw-dropped at the end.

In it’s third year at Theatre Severn, the Sunday evening of the 16th of March was a night of anticipation and excitement as Shropshire’s top-class stage, situated along the River Severn experienced a Concord invasion that brought with it our love for music and dance coupled with the diverse, vibrant cultures that we share. With Head Girl, Jun, at the compere’s seat, the acts ranged from the wind ensemble with their rendition of the Quincy Jones classic, the Soul Bossa Nova to the Hong Kong Society with a street dance, throbbing away to a mix of tunes by Kesha and popular Cantonese artists, not forgetting Concord’s favourite duo, Alex and Zenon, blowing everyone away with an acoustic cover of a Malay folk song. Though cliché-sounding, every act was equally impressive, every time I watched it.

Being a theatre prefect and having been able participate in such a massive concert, where over 250 of Concord’s very own took part, has been a privilege. The journey may have been long, having to show up at countless rehearsals where keeping the energy to perform for each practice is crucial but everything was worthwhile at the end. From the front-of-house, both shows were equally dazzling to the eyes and the quality of this show is a testament to the hard work of all, to both the show’s seen and unseen performers. Each act was flawless and the concert went from head to tail, without a hitch.

Congratulations, Concord, regardless of whether you were dolled up at the downstage or in a black shirt dragging things to and fro at the backstage, it’s been the best one yet. The journey to the stage has been long but it’s this journey that matters most. Let’s keep the laughter, joy and excitement in out hearts, and may the friendships forged and memories together always be ones to cherish and remember.

Spring has finally arrived, Concord style.


Timothy Loong 6.2